Awards and Grants

We provide grants and awards in support of our mission: to connect people with the natural world to improve our environment through education, advocacy, and conservation.

Birds like this Heron can be supported by the Sustainable Communities Grant

Sustainable Communities Grant

Learn about this competitive grant which provides $90,000 annually to fund environmental and open space projects and community resiliency efforts in Delaware and Maryland.

Barn swallow juveniles by Ornithologist Ian Stewart

DEEC’s Wilmington Community Mini-Grant

This is a mini-grant of up to $300 to improve the environment in the City of Wilmington.
Available to Wilmington residents and local community organizations.

Photography by Ian Stewart.

Hummingbird Bee by Gary Snyder

Outstanding Environmental Educator Award

We are proud to recognize public and private school teachers or administrators who go above and beyond to give students a sense of environmental stewardship.

Photography by Gary Snyder.