Burrows Run Coverdale meadows July beebalm flowers by Christi Leeson

Working & Natural Lands

We are a powerful force in protecting lands for conservation and preserving agricultural lands. Delaware’s diverse ecosystems – including forests, abundant wetlands, and agricultural lands – fuel our region’s economic and cultural prosperity.  Through regenerative and resilient approaches, we support healthy natural and working lands and improve Delaware’s ecosystems.

Feeding Communities

How we farm and what we eat has a profound impact on our world. Healthy food begins with the soil. Through our regenerative agriculture methods, we are integrating our conservation practices into how we farm, and in turn, how we feed our community and the planet. We’re promoting healthy working and natural lands while growing delicious food.

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The regenerative agricultural methods of Coverdale Farm Preserve's CSA promote healthy working and natural lands

Wildlife like this Indigo Bunting depends on healthy working and natural lands. Photo by Jim White.

Managing for Healthy Natural Lands

We manage nearly 2,000 acres of land in Delaware and are committed to the protection, conservation, and enhancement of naturally occurring biodiversity, as well as caring for land ethically. Local fauna, flora, and their habitats continue to be a priority within our land care.

Our Land Management Activities

Preserving for the Future

Preserving land protects our environment, our water, and our air. It provides natural habitat and enhances our lives. Our open spaces connect us to the great outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, biking, boating, birding, or simply watching the sunset, healthy natural lands give us the most special gift.

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Children learning methods to support healthy working and natural lands at Coverdale Summer Camp. Photo by Derek Stoner.

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