Healthy Waters

Water connects us all. Clean, healthy water is critical to our health, economy, and wildlife. Each of us can play a part in improving the health of the Delaware region’s waterways, which in turn benefits our wildlife, their habitats, and each one of us.

Exploring Watersheds

The health of Delaware’s water depends upon what washes into it. A watershed is an area of land that drains in to a specific water body – everyone lives in a watershed. Delaware spans three watersheds – the Delaware, Chesapeake, and Inland Bays. What we do on land directly impacts the quality of our waters.

Discover Watersheds Managing Land for Healthy Water

Christina River Watershed Map - Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland - the lands that affect clean, healthy water

Blue heron & turtles on log in water depend on clean, healthy water

Strengthening Polices for Clean Water

Healthy water is essential and yet we rarely consider what it takes to keep it that way. Delaware Nature Society believes that protecting and improving water quality through regulation, legislation, and education is critical to ensuring healthy water for everyone.

Advocating for Clean Water

Safeguarding Clean Water

Make protecting water part of your everyday life – small changes can collectively make a big difference to improve our environment.  Whether it’s collecting data on the health of a local stream or using and promoting water-friendly gardening practices at home or in your community, join us in taking steps that lead to healthier water.

Our Gardening for Water Program

Clean Water Tips Stream Watch

Child at DEEC netting critters which depend on clean, healthy water

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