Protecting Habitats & Wildlife

From a meadow filled with native grasses to the rolling waters of the Christina River, everything in the natural world is connected to one another. Delaware Nature Society works to protect native habitats and wildlife of all types, preserves biodiversity, and ensures the protection of our environment as the climate changes. We work in partnership with National Wildlife Federation.

Gardening with Purpose

Caring for our landscape helps to protect native habitats and wildlife and ensures safe, clean drinking water for people. When we create healthy habitats to provide food, water, cover, and baby-supporting spaces for birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife, it supports a healthy environment.

Our Gardening for Wildlife Program

We protect native habitats and wildlife like this Bluebird in one of our bird houses with our Certified Wildlife Habitat sign

We protect native habitats and wildlife through our Bird Banding program

Protecting Native Wildlife

Understanding our connection to nature and wildlife is essential to the health of our ecosystems and our planet. One-third of Delaware’s wildlife species are under threat of extinction due to increased stress from invasive species and a changing climate. We can all help by preserving natural places where wildlife thrive, and protecting the critical ecosystems.

Bird Conservation Supporting Pollinators

Managing Land for Wildlife

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