The COVID-19 pandemic has upended all our lives. Protests demanding racial justice and equal treatment for all are taking place in cities large and small. Wildfires and floods threaten vast areas of natural and urban America.

You can trust DelNature to lead though positive change – lifting up racial equality, clean water access, conservation, and climate justice.

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“You cannot protect the environment unless you empower people…help them understand that these resources are their own, that they must protect them.”
– Wangari Maathai

You Need Nature – and Nature Needs You!

Now more than ever, people are turning to nature as a source of inspiration, education, and good health. You can trust DelNature to lead through change.

Despite the COVID restrictions, over the past 6 months, we have:

  • Conducted successful and safe summer camps for close to 1,000 children.
  • Hosted dozens of online classes and workshops for children, families, teens, and adults.
  • Expanded our programs for youth in the City of Wilmington through our RENEW program and launched an internship opportunity for teens called Trail Ambassadors.
  • Distributed thousands of pounds of organic produce for CSA members and families in need.
  • Advocated for clean water, access to open space, farmland protection, addressing climate change, protecting wildlife habitats, smarter land use planning, and growing renewable energy use.
  • Helped secure the Delaware congressional delegation support of the Great American Outdoors Act, the most significant conservation legislation in a generation, to fund vital maintenance on public lands and national parks.

Although we will responsibly adjust our operations and strategic plan as the budget requires, DelNature is counting on your financial support and strong commitment to our mission of creating a healthier and more sustainable planet.

As you consider the amount of your gift, think about what the natural world has meant to you during this COVID crisis. For many of our supporters, connecting with nature has been a safe way to maintain physical and mental health.

Donate Memorial & Honorary Giving

New provisions in the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act have made some changes to charitable giving that may benefit you.

  • Previously only those who use itemized deductions could deduct charitable gifts. Now, individuals can deduct up to $300 in donations, even if you don’t itemize. This deduction can be used for contributions of cash (not stock) to qualified charitable organizations such as Delaware Nature Society.
  • You can now deduct up to 100% of your adjusted gross income for charitable deductions. Formerly, an individual could deduct up to 60% of their adjusted gross income. Now, individuals can deduct up to 100% of their AGI for the year 2020.  Also, any contribution in excess of total AGI may be carried forward up to 5 additional years. This may not be used to fund Donor Advised Funds.
  • Corporate charitable deduction limits have been increased to 25% of taxable income. The Act temporarily lifts the cap on corporation’s charitable deductions from 10% to 25% of taxable income and raises the cap on charitable contributions of food inventory from 15% to 25% of taxable income.

As always, please consult with your tax advisor to see how and if these changes benefit you.

All gifts to Delaware Nature Society (EIN# 51-6018321) are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law and will be gratefully acknowledged upon receipt.

Donate Memorial & Honorary Giving

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You may also donate through your employer with United Way – use code: 780007

A Trusted Environmental Leader

For more than 50 years, Delaware Nature Society has been a trusted leader in our community on improving the environment through education, conservation and advocacy. We could not succeed at the important work we do without the generosity of our donors and members.