Turkey and Chicken Houses at Coverdale Farm - Photography by Christi Leeson

Chicken Tenders Program – Raise Chicks for Coverdale

Take part in this unique opportunity to continue your farm education from home, make memories, and help Coverdale Farm Preserve raise their next flock of laying hens!

Raise Chicks at Your Home

In this program, your family will be raising 2 chicks for 5-6 weeks. After that time, the chickens will be brought back to the farm where they will continue to be raised in our poultry nursery, eventually become part of our adult flock.

Raising Timeline (Fall 2022)

  • August 26: Applications due
  • September 2: Applicants contacted about next steps
  • September 24: In-person education session and supply pick-up.
  • September 30: Chick pick-up (exact date to be determined)
  • November 7 Week: Chick and Equipment Return (5-6 weeks after you received your chicks)
raise chickens for sustainable farm

Raise Chicks With Our Help

Each week throughout the program, families will:

  • Receive an email with directions, updates, and information about their chicks’ development.
  • Join a weekly Zoom check-in with all of the families to share in the chick-raising experiences.

Families must return all chickens and equipment at the end of the program. Farm staff will guide participants through the entire chick-raising process, so no prior chicken experience is required!

Apply Now and Learn More

Apply with the our online form which also provides you with a complete understanding of this project. Applications due August 26, 2022. Fee for those selected is $300. Price includes: feed, supplies, 2 chicks, and 24/7 livestock farmer support. Thank you!

Questions? Contact Mindy Brown with our online form or call her 302.413.5078.

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