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Scotland’s Highlands Eco Tour

Aigas Field Center

Led by Sally O’Byrne
July 6, 2024 – July 13, 2024

Spend 8 days at the Aigas Field Center in the Scottish Highlands for a guided holiday featuring wildlife, birding, history, botany, and scenery. 

Aigas is Scotland’s premier field study center, dedicated to nature conservation and environmental education.  Aigas is a thriving nature reserve; an example of responsible ecotourism and restoration ecology; and a scenic place to experience and learn about Highlands wildlife and cultural heritage. 

On this Delaware Nature Society eco tour, you will be able to enjoy the grounds of the nature reserve, learn about the reintroduction of European Beaver, experience nearby ancient Caledonian pine forest, see many species of birds including Golden Eagles, European Dipper, Crossbills, Red Deer, and British Primitive Goats. 

  • Aigas Pine Marten by Ian Sargent
  • Scottish Wildcat by John Paul
  • Scotland Castle
  • Crested Tit by Ben Jones
  • Sir John Lister Kaye

Visit Neolithic Clava Cairns (an ancient burial site), Culloden Battlefield, Cawdor Castle and Gardens, shores of the Highlands west coast, the shores of Beauly Firth to spot otters, and the River Beauly.  Birds, mammals, wildflowers, and scenery will be infused with each field trip. 

Finally, a visit to The Black Isle will finish off the week.  This mix of pebble shores, cliffs, agricultural lands intermixed with native woodland and old hedgerows will afford opportunities to look for many species of plants (some rare), shorebirds and many other bird species.

Overnight stay and meals will be provided at the Aigas Field Centre during the trip.  No single supplements are charged, and accommodations are in cozy timber lodges nestled among the trees.  Breakfast and dinner is served on-site, and packed lunches are provided for field trips.

Travel to Inverness Scotland is not included and options will be discussed with you after registration. 

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EcoTours Ecuador mountains

Ecuador and Galápagos Eco Tour

Birding and Nature Exploration

Led by Jim White, Senior Fellow for Land Management and Biodiversity
September 15, 2024 – September 28, 2024

The magic and appeal of Ecuador and its Galápagos Islands continue to attract visitors year after year, especially nature lovers seeking out some of the most fascinating and unique flora and fauna in the world.

Join Delaware Nature Society on this 14-day exploration to one of the most biodiverse countries on earth, which boasts an impressive list of more than 1,600 bird species.

Start the journey in the cloud forests of the Ecuadorian Andes as you go birding across parts of the Chocó ecoregion, where the concentration of endemic species is exceptionally high.

Then, travel to the unique volcanic landscapes of the Galápagos Islands to embark on a cruise around the western islands of the archipelago aboard the M/C Tip Top V. Bask in their complex natural history as you seek out a variety of resident and migrant avian species, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and more.

Or contact Jill Hays at 877-846-6296 or

Costa Rica Eco Tour 2025

Costa Rica Eco Tour

Riches of the Rainforest, Arenal Volcano, and the Pacific Coast

Led by Judy Montgomery, Teacher Naturalist
Tuesday, February 4, 2025 – Thursday, February 13, 2025

Discover the best of the tropics on this classic Costa Rica 10-day excursion with Delaware Nature Society!

From rainforests and rivers to volcanoes and beaches, you’ll experience a variety of ecosystems and habitats, fun and engaging activities, and the friendly, “pura vida” attitude for which the country is famous. Begin in the country’s lush Caribbean lowlands, where pristine forests shelter a great diversity of plant and animal life. Then continue to picture-perfect Arenal Volcano before heading to the Pacific coast for the chance to swim, snorkel, and cruise along the shoreline. A blend of nature and culture make this an informative, well-rounded exploration.

  • Search for tropical birds, monkeys, bats, lizards and more during our guided hikes in the primary rainforest of the iconic La Selva Biological Research Station.
  • Sample gourmet chocolate while learning about the history and cultural importance of cacao in the tropics.
  • Experience a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure.
  • Set sail on a scenic catamaran ride in the ocean, with the chance to swim and snorkel from the boat.
  • Observe tropical birds, howler and white-faced capuchin monkeys, crocodiles, and other wildlife at El Viejo wetlands.

Or contact Debbie Sturdivant Jordan at 866-748-6146

Columbia Eco Tour 2026


Colombia’s Santa Martas: The Caribbean Coast & Megadiverse Mountains

Above: We have a chance at three antpitta species on this tour, including this one, the Santa Marta Antpitta. (Photo by George Armistead)

Led by Joe Sebastiani & George Armistead
Wednesday, January 14, 2026 – Wednesday, January 21, 2026

A trip on every birder’s bucket list, this one-week tour hits all the best birding hotspots in and around the incomparable, megadiverse Santa Martas, from the mountains to the Caribbean coast.

  • Among greatest biodiversity hotspots on Earth
  • Great round-up of endemic birds at world’s highest coastal mountain range
  • Moderate paced tour with good food and accommodations (~3 or 4 stars)
  • Some rough roads accessed via 4x4s & 1 very early morning
  • Altitudes from sea level to 9000 feet. Latter made less challenging by acclimatization as we go
  • Opps to sample coffee & learn about the Wayúu and other indigenous ethnic groups

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