Thank you for your interest in volunteering – an essential part of Delaware Nature Society. Your hours of volunteer service help promote our mission of improving our environment through education, advocacy, and conservation.

Ways to volunteer:

Volunteer Position Openings

DEEC aerial view of Visitor Center, Marsh Pond, and Markell Trail Loop by Maggie DeGennaro
DEEC aerial view by Maggie DeGennaro

DuPont Environmental Education Center (DEEC)

DEEC is located on Wilmington’s Riverfront.

Outreach Support

Love what DEEC has to offer? Help us reach out to others by attending outreach events in and around Wilmington, or distribute our information to local businesses and community. Apply now »


Love nature and meeting new people? Each week, DuPont Environmental Education Center sees hundreds of people of all ages visiting the Wilmington Riverfront. We need your help to help share the wonders of the outdoors and make them feel welcome! Training provided. Apply now »

Volunteer Guide

Love the outdoors? Share it with children! Each year, DelNature introduces thousands of children to the wonders of our natural environment. Volunteer Guides lead groups of school children in a variety of outdoor learning experiences at DuPont Environmental Education Center. Be a part of the diverse group of adult volunteers that helps us make this happen! Training provided. Apply now »

Abbotts Mill Pond in Summer

Abbott’s Mill Nature Center

Abbott’s is located in Milford, Delaware.

Garden Caretaker

Delaware Nature Society serves as the State Affiliate for the National Wildlife Federation, allowing us to implement their Garden for Wildlife ™ program, which has designated 4 communities and over 1,000 yards as Certified Wildlife Habitats®. Abbott’s maintains a certified demonstration garden at our Visitor Center for public education and native habitat promotion. Avid green thumbs and beginner gardeners alike are welcome; come on out and we will teach you what you need to know! See additional information in “Conservation” section below for information about our formal Habitat Steward volunteer training. Apply now »

Nest Watcher

March – October/November. Enjoy relaxing walks at Abbott’s Mill Nature Center while keeping track of our bird boxes using Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s NestWatch App. You will be trained in identifying occupants, using the app, and collecting the data. Species may include Eastern Bluebird, Tree Swallow, House Wren, Purple Martin, Eastern Screech-owl, American Kestrel, Wood Duck, and Prothonotary Warbler. Flexible schedule. Apply now »

Habitat Helper

March – October. Help our Land and Biodiversity Team maintain 513.5 acres of habitat preserves and 6+ miles of hiking and paddling trails. Work together to promote native vegetation and remove invasive species at our main Abbott’s Mill site, our Blair’s Pond 5K Trail, our Isaacs-Greene Preserve, and our Marvel Saltmarsh Preserve and Boardwalk.  Apply now »

Horseshoe Crab Spawning Surveyer

The Delaware Bay Horseshoe Crab Spawning Survey is conducted on 31 beaches in Delaware and New Jersey every May and June during the new and full moon evening high tides. Abbott’s Mill Nature Center administers the annual survey at Slaughter Beach, meeting at the Marvel Drive beach access road, across the street from our Marvel Saltmarsh Preserve and Boardwalk. New volunteer training is held in mid-April, and official survey dates/times are released in February on our Activities Calendarr.

Project Feederwatcher – ON HOLD

November through April. Relax at Abbott’s Mill while participating in this Cornell Lab of Ornithology program. Flock to the Wet Lab to enjoy coffee, tea, and socialize while collecting data on the birds present.


Put your tinkering tendencies to good use! We are always looking for knowledgeable individuals to help us maintain our many facilities and vehicles. Apply now »

Ashland aerial landscape with lodge, Hawk Watch Hill, Visitor Center

Ashland Nature Center

Ashland is located in Hockessin, Delaware.

No volunteer openings at this time.

However, you may contact Ashland with your interests.

Coverdale Fields - Photography by Jim White
Coverdale Fields – Photography by Jim White

Coverdale Farm Preserve

Coverdale Farm is located in Greenville, Delaware.

No volunteer openings at this time.

Child drinking clean water

Advocacy and External Affairs

Clean Water Campaign Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers with a passion for advocacy as well as knowledge of Delaware’s Water Resources. Volunteer should be comfortable interacting with the public and have a flexible schedule. Volunteers will gain valuable life experiences while assisting others. To express your interest in volunteering to support the campaign. Apply now »

Event Photographer

Take stock photography of the outdoors, and photos of events on our beautiful properties that we can use in our publications and communications. Apply now »

Ghost Writer and Blogger

Have a knack for words and love spending time outdoors. Write about DelNature sites, programs and activities and share them with the world! Apply now »

Ken Simpler’s Turkey Run Farm is one of 23 properties that are permanently protected by conservation easements held by Delaware Nature Society. Photography by Derek Stoner.
Ken Simpler’s Turkey Run Farm permanently protected through Delaware Nature Society. Photography by Derek Stoner.


Backyard Wildlife Habitat Steward

Mentors in the community, Habitat Stewards assist friends and neighbors with the creation and restoration of landscapes that are both wildlife-friendly and good for the environment. Native wildlife, people and communities all feel the rewards of these efforts. Learn more about our Habitat Steward program. Apply now »

Trail Maintenance and Restoration

Do you love walking our trails? Then help us maintain and restore them! Responsibilities include: mowing, pruning, rebuilding and managing invasive and native plants on the property. Apply now »

Annual Red Clay Valley Cleanup (Event)

Volunteers are needed to help clean up roadways in the Red Clay Creek Valley Scenic Byway. Meet at Ashland Nature Center to receive your assignment. Gloves, vests, trash bags and refreshments will be provided. Appropriate for ages 12 and up. Parental supervision required for younger children. View our Events page to check for this event or subscribe to know when the next event is scheduled »

Native Plant Sale (Event)

Help the Delaware Nature Society run its Native Plant Sale every spring and fall at our picturesque Coverdale Farm Preserve in Greenville, Delaware! Needs include: assistance with field layout, moving, labeling and watering plants during set up days, and cashiering, watering plants, providing advice on plants and assisting customers with plants during sale days. Subscribe to know when volunteer positions are available »

Middle Run Tree Planting (Event)

Since 1992, thousands of volunteers have planted more than 38,000 trees and shrubs and 20,000 tree seeds on 70 acres of abandoned farm fields in New Castle County’s 850-acre Middle Run Valley Natural Area Park. Coordinated by Delaware Nature Society, this project helps accelerate hardwood forest succession in Delaware’s piedmont, increasing the forest habitat and the forested buffer along middle Run. The protection of the Middle Run watershed is important to ensure high quality water for City of Newark. Learn more and register »