Land Preservation

Preserving land is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect our environment. Learn what we’re doing and how you can preserve your land.

Land preservation is effective

Preserving protects our water and air, provides natural wildlife habitat, and enhances the quality of life for the whole community. Studies show that time spent outdoors has real health benefits from improving short-term memory and lowering stress levels to improving your eyesight and living longer (Business Insider Apr. 22, 2016). Not only are these protected lands important to the environment and our communities’ health, but they are an important part of our historical and cultural identity here in Delaware.

A focused preservation plan

Delaware Nature Society’s Land Preservation Program focuses specifically on preserving land through the conservation of outstanding natural areas, stream corridors, woodlands, working lands, connectors between protected lands, and small sites with unique features to afford the best protection of the state’s biodiversity and water resources.

100,000+ acres protected and counting

Since 1964, Delaware Nature Society has been a major force in the protection of the state’s natural heritage and has helped to protect over 100,000 acres through coalition building and advocating for dedicated state funding. We manage almost 2,000 acres of land statewide and have protected more than 1,200 acres through land acquisitions, conservation easements, and deed restrictions.

Discover one of our land protection programs – the Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway program.  If you live in the Red Clay Valley, you can join the Red Clay Valley Scenic Byway Alliance by contacting Ginger North, Director of Conservation.

You can also support funding for open space and clean water – help us advocate for clean water and join our Clean Water Campaign.

The Isaacs/Isaacs-Greene family story

Isaacs Greene Brochure Cover
Hear one family’s land preservation story.
Development pressure had been increasing and farmlands and fields were disappearing. The ecological and aesthetic values of remaining forest and fields
became more apparent. Weighing their options, the Isaacs-Green family had a big decision to make…read their story.

Preserve your land with Delaware Nature Society

Ginger North, Director of Conservation at Delaware Nature Society

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