Delaware Freshwater Wetlands Project: More Learning Opportunities

The below projects can help you prepare for the upcoming Delaware Freshwater Wetland Project essay and art contests!  Thanks for helping conserve these amazing wetlands.

Wetland Night Hike

May 19, 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Blackbird State Forest Community Center, Townsend, DE

Join State Sen. Stephanie Hansen and Herpetologist Jim White of Delaware Nature Society for an evening field trip into Blackbird State Forest to visit one of our Delmarva Bays freshwater wetlands to listen for our endangered Barking Tree Frogs, search for Tiger Salamanders, and learn about this delicate and fascinating ecosystem. Everyone will meet at the Blackbird Community Center at 7:30pm. Bring a flashlight. Waders will be provided.

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Be an Inland Bays Watershed Watcher

In this free education program by the Center for the Inland Bays, groups adopt an easily accessible body of water in the Inland Bays watershed, such as a stormwater pond, stream, river, or bay, then students monitor the health of the water by periodically collecting and testing water samples using an Earth Echo water quality monitoring kit. For more, contact

Student Estuary Exploration Program at James Farm Ecological Preserve

The SEE program of the Delaware Center for Inland Bays provides fun, informative, hands-on learning opportunities for students of all ages. Programs are offered free of charge to all schools and youth groups. The inquiry-based activities are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and offer three-dimensional learning instruction that includes disciplinary core ideas, STEAM practices and crosscutting concepts. For more, contact

Visit the Herbarium, Claude E. Phillips Herbarium

Visit the Claude E. Phillips Herbarium of Delaware State University to learn more about wetlands plants and how herbariums function. For more, contact

See the Great Cypress Swamp Restoration

The Great Cypress Swamp is a treasure, the northernmost stand of bald cypress trees in the country and the only true swamp in Delaware. See its restoration in process. For more, contact

The Educational Freshwater Wetland Pond at Fred Fifer III Middle School

The Educational Freshwater Wetland project is a new outdoor learning space being developed in the Caesar Rodney School District. The facility will support community environmental literacy education initiatives. As the facility evolves, community partner organizations and volunteers will be needed to maintain, collect data, and produce educational materials designed to suppor what teachers are already doing in their classrooms while also supporting the greater community. For more, contact

The Native Plant Nursery at W.B. Simpson Elementary School

The Native Plant Nursery at Simpson has been developed as a district-wide greenhouse and garden center for the propagation and dissemination of native plants. Plant stock that curated at the Native Plant Nursery will help increase individual and community environmental literacy, provide native plant stock for use in habitat installation/renovation sites located on Caesar Rodney School District campuses, and begin to provide native plant stock to local residents looking to improve and enrich their landscaping. For more, contact