Baby Lettuce at the Coverdale Farm CSA Farm Market

The Market at Coverdale

Real Food with Local & Regional Roots

Welcome to The Market at Coverdale Farm Preserve where the food is thoughtful and delicious.

Eat well and feel good with vegetables, eggs, herbs, and flowers fresh from our farm. Add choice to your weekly basket with a curated selection of local and regional products alongside amazing fare like cheese, bread, honey, and much more. Find inspiration from our cookbook collection and pick up some kitchen tools to make cooking a breeze. We even have farm sown vegetable, flower, herb, and fruit plants for your home garden. If you’re here on the weekend, join in on our weekend fun. Make us a tradition that will elevate your eating and cooking experience.

Market Hours

May 8 – November
Fridays 2 pm – 7 pm
Saturdays 10 am – 5 pm
Sundays 11 am – 5 pm

No dogs permitted.
Holiday weekend hours may be altered.

See also “Weekends at Coverdale” Hours and Activities.

Discover Delicious Food at the Market at Coverdale Farm

  • “Rainbow” pastured eggs
  • Loads of lettuces like romaine, summer crisp, oakleaf, and butterheads
  • Salad mixes artfully crafted from loose leaf lettuces, kales, and Asian greens highlighting seasonal flavor
  • Cucumbers for pickling and slicing
  • Zucchini in shades of green and gold
  • Carrots, turnips, leeks, scallions, potatoes
  • Tomatoes of all sizes and heirlooms like Brandywine, Indigo Apple, Cherokee Purple and many, many more
  • Plenty of peppers from hot to sweet
  • Eggplants that sing of summer
Coverdale Farm Preserve's farm market
Market Porch
  • So many greens from kale to collards, arugula to tatsoi, swiss chard to spinach.
  • New herb and cut flower program boasting both ornamentals and edibles.
  • Vegetable, Flower, Herb, and Fruit plants for your garden
  • Spices, Oils, Ghee, Vinegars
  • Honey, Jams, Nut butters, Maple Syrup
  • Cheese, ice cream, yogurt
  • Savory and Sweet Breads, cookies
  • Mushrooms
  • Chocolates
  • Cookbooks
  • Kitchen Tools & Supplies
  • And much more!!!!!

Everyone is welcome to shop at the Coverdale Market!
For extra perks and to support our mission, check out our Golden Tomato Flex CSA Farm Share Market Card! Spread the news!

CSA Field
CSA Field

Our New Spin on CSA:
The Golden Tomato Card

Now You Determine Your Weekly Share!

We’ve made it easier and more fun to shop and support us through our flexible card-based CSA farm share program.

How It Works

  1. Purchase your market card upfront and we add a little extra to thank you for your support.
  2. May to November (over 32 weeks), visit our NEW Market and shop for what you want, when you want, and how much you want.

Remember, the more often you shop, the more Coverdale Farm Preserve benefits!

Similarities to Our Old CSA

The Flex CSA offers many similarities to our traditional CSA: access to Coverdale grown produce and eggs, connection to the Coverdale community, commitment to the mission of DelNature, investment in our farm operation, and support for local agriculture.

More Freedom Than Our Old CSA

Enjoy a market-style experience for those who love to shop for fresh food! Unlike our traditional CSA share, the Flex CSA gives you the freedom to choose when to shop, what to buy, and how much. The farm does not determine your items or quantities and does not reserve items on your behalf, it is your basket to fill!

No need to schedule a time to shop, just visit during Market hours (see top of page).

Get a Golden Tomato Card Today!

2 card options!

Cherry Tomato Level: $500

DelNature Members get a $25 bonus bringing total card value to $525

Non-members’ total card value is $500

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In-Season Bonus Dollars

May 2 – November
For DelNature Members only.

Special Perks

Invitations to exclusive Golden Tomato activities special seasonal gifts from your farmers.

Golden Tomato Card policies

Beefsteak Tomato Level: $800

DelNature Members get a $50 bonus bringing total card value to $850

Non-members’ total card value is $800

Buy Now

In-Season Bonus Dollars

May 2 – November
For DelNature Members only.

Special Perks

Same perks as Cherry Tomato, plus:
First Harvest Reservation program: the opportunity to reserve a share of new items fresh off the fields before they hit the market shelves (think heirloom tomatoes)!

Golden Tomato Card policies