Raising Chicks for Coverdale Farm

Chicken Tenders Application

Raise chicks at home with our Chicken Tenders program! Fill out our form – it provides a complete understanding of this project – please answer carefully. Applications due April 10. Fee for those selected is $350. Members, sign in for your 15% Member discount. Price includes: feed, supplies, 2 chicks, and 24/7 livestock farmer support. Thank you!

Due to limited space, not all applicants will be accepted.

  • We will provide you with the basic materials needed to help raise our chicks such as food, feed containers, heat plate, bedding, and an enclosure. There are other things that you will need to provide. Chicks will need natural light, warmth, an area that is draft-free, daily socialization periods, stress free, quiet and secluded from other animals or pests. The area will also need access to electric to plug in the heat lamp. Where in your home can you provide this environment?
  • What other animals live in your home and can you keep the chicks in an area away from your other pets?
  • Who lives in your household and what are their ages?
  • Can you meet these requirements? 1) Education session on April 28; 2) Pick-up (May 3) and drop off (between June 7 – 14) of materials and chicks; 3) Daily care (feed, water, socialization, health and development check) for chicks for 5-6 weeks during the months of May and June; 4) Weekly check-ins with farm staff via zoom meetings (meetings can be set-up more often if needed)
  • Thank you for your interest in helping to raise next year’s flock of egg layers for Coverdale Farm Preserve. This is a very important job that should not be taken lightly since we have already counted them into our production plan for next year. We are depending on you to provide great care for them while they learn, grow and thrive. Though we will provide you with all the necessary materials and instructions, it is important to note that raising chicks will require significant time, care and are messy. Please be sure that you’re able to dedicate the time, space, and energy into raising these chicks before committing to the program. Yes, the chicks are adorable, but we do request for the health of you/your family/chicks please do NOT kiss them and to wash your hands after handling them since poultry can be carriers of diseases such as salmonella. Additionally, even with proper care, please know that there is a risk of chick fatality. Entering your name acts as your signature indicating your understanding.
  • There must be an adult responsible for overseeing the process. Their address and contact info should be shared below.