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Discover nature with our hands-on, inquiry-based, and age-appropriate education programs. We offer over 100 lessons, aligned with STEM and Common Core State Standards, on a broad range of topics with emphasis in areas of science, agriculture, and history. Lessons complement and reinforce school curriculum for all grade levels and can be customized to suit your time and cost constraints.

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Field Trips at our nature and farm sites

Homeschooler Educational Program Series

Our Homeschool Educational Program Series is an offering of prescheduled classes made just for homeschoolers. They are designed to meet state and national standards and are appropriate for students age 5 and older.

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Field trips at our nature and farm sites are a great way to engage in hands-on investigations and have a safe, fun and education outdoor experience.

TIP: Consider scheduling both morning and afternoon programs with a picnic lunch in-between to maximize use of school busses.

Learn about our locations and search programs below.

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Decide which programs you want below, then request your programs with our online Request Form or call Glynne at 302.239.2334, ext 110. Want to learn about our different sites?

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Program requirements

Advance registration for all programs is required. Please note Ashland field studies require a minimum of 5 participants and Ashland overnights require a minimum of 10 participants.

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Highlighted program:

Overnights at Ashland

Many program themes: Reptiles and Amphibians, Ecosystems, Watersheds & Water Quality, and more - or create your own.

Heated rooms, kitchen, dorms, bathrooms, indoor class space, and beautiful forests and streams to explore.

2- or 3-day

Overnights at Ashland

We love teachers

We honor excellent teachers by offering Teacher Awards & we supplement your knowledge growth with Teacher Trainings.

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