Make your yard a Certified Wildlife Habitat®

Get a certified wildlife habitat.  Just 6 easy steps. 1) Provide food - nectar, fruit, seeds from plants. 2) Supply water - water gardens, bird baths. 3) Create cover - rock piles, evergreens. 4) Provide places to raise young - trees, shrubs. 5) Garden sustainably - reduce chemical use for clean water for people and wildlife. 6) Get certified - click to learn more...
National Wildlife Federation Delmarva Power an Exelon Company SUEZ in Delaware

Delaware Nature Society partners with the National Wildlife Federation to bring the Certified Wildlife Habitat® program to Delaware. The Certified Wildlife Habitat program at Delaware Nature Society is supported in part by Delmarva Power and SUEZ in Delaware.

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How to turn your yard or land into a wildlife habitat

Wildlife habitat gardening tips

Checklist for Healthy Wildlife and Clean Water (PDF) »
How to Create a Wildlife Habitat® (PDF) »
Certify your Wildlife Habitat »

More water conservation tips

Need more ideas or help?

More resources to help you garden for clean water
and wildlife habitats »

Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies on Milkweed

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