WHYY TV Features Coverdale’s Rare Adult American Chestnut

Coverdale’s American Chestnut was featured on November 4, 2022 on WHYY TV series You Oughta Know episode “Delaware Hunter Discovers Rare Tree”. American Chestnut trees are seldom found due to a devastating blight in the early 1900s.

Join Co-host Shirley Min as she accompanies Delaware Nature Society’s Land Steward Dave Pro and hunter Bret Lanan on a hike to the tree to get the inside story on our tree and the history and future of this iconic tree species.


Dave Pro explains, “We collected leaves to be sent away to get DNA tested to be verified. When that information came back it was verified to be 100% American Chestnut”


Bret Lanan hopes, “Maybe if it’s got genetic resistance, and if that could be, would these scientists breed this tree to bring the trees back. That would be a legacy to me.”

Learn about this tree and efforts to save the American Chestnut.

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