Volunteer Spotlight: Seth Ross

Seth Ross, a former DuPont Company Engineer, has dedicated an incredible amount of his time toward improving Delaware’s environment. In April of 2018, he was awarded Delaware Nature Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Seth joins just a handful of recipients of Delaware Nature Society’s most prestigious award. Past recipients of the award include Howard Brokaw, Russell Peterson, Norm Wilder, Winston Wayne, Peter Flint, Darwin Palmer, Lynn Williams, and Lorraine Fleming.

In 1997, Seth started volunteering with Delaware Nature Society on the Technical Advisory Committee for Soil and Water Stewardship. Not long after, he joined the Advocacy Committee, and, in 2003, his vast knowledge and enthusiasm got him elected as co-chair of the committee. Serving as both Advocacy Co-Chair and as a member of Delaware Nature Society’s Board, Seth has represented the organization in a variety of capacities including on the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Energy and the Citizen’s Advisory Panel (CAP) for the different owners and operators of the Delaware City Refinery. Since 2015, Seth has served on the board of the National Wildlife Federation as Region 2 Director, representing New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and Delaware. In this role, Seth helps promote coordination and cooperation between affiliate organizations like Delaware Nature Society and the National Wildlife Federation board and staff.

Seth understands air quality, energy, and climate change issues, and his expertise has been invaluable to our organization. Because of this perfect combination of technical and environmental expertise, he is called on by environmental groups and industry leaders for consultation in reviewing permit applications, offering comments, and assisting in the development of organizational policies. Seth’s great technical background, adaptability, and intelligence are just a few of his greatest qualities.

Seth’s lifelong commitment to the environment has been exemplary and provides a critical model for both staff and volunteers affiliated with the organization. His expertise, skill set, and perspective have been critical to the success of Delaware Nature Society, and in raising the profile of our advocacy efforts.