Slaughter Beach Wildlife Attracts Nature Loving Beachgoers

Discover how Slaughter Beach wildlife is helping cause a boom in wildlife tourism. Slaughter Beach where our own Abbott’s Mill Nature Center teaches horseshoe crab and other nature programs, is featured in the recent article “Slaughter Beach Reaches Ecotourism Enthusiasts” by Joseph Edelen of Delaware State News.

Edelen discusses the recent boom in Slaughter Beach, a natural haven north of Rehoboth and Dewey:

“As many Delawareans flock to Rehoboth and Dewey beaches this time of year, one of the state’s lesser-known coastal towns is experiencing revived tourism.

“For some, Slaughter Beach’s horseshoe crabs, red knots and other wildlife win out over shopping, the boardwalk and nightlife.

“A town with only two businesses, the northern Sussex County spot is experiencing an uptick in visitors interested in ecotourism, according to Mayor Bob Wood, who said its popularity is unlike anything he has seen since he’s lived there.”

He went on to share Mayor Wood’s history of Slaughter Beach and what is bringing it now into popularity:

“’The ecosystem in this area is very unique. Each species works together and plays their role, like the horseshoe crabs will bring in the red knots, sanderlings and other shorebirds. The horseshoe crabs and the red knots are the rock stars, but ultimately, people come here to see the nature,’ Mayor Wood said.

“Though there will always be an audience for the town’s wildlife, he said the increase in ecotourism could be attributed to recent efforts to protect the environment in Slaughter Beach.

“In August 2021, a study by the University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center found that Delaware’s Mispillion and Cedar Creek watersheds — which encapsulate much of the Milford and Slaughter Beach area — provide millions of dollars to nearby communities and their residents via wildlife viewing and outdoor recreation. Specifically, the report said that Milford’s Abbott’s Mill Nature Center generated up to $6.3 million annually from visitor activity and that Slaughter Beach wildlife activity generated more than $1 million.”

Read the full article at USNews. Original article was posted at Bay to Bay News.

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