Marvel Saltmarsh Preserve

Marvel Saltmarsh Preserve is a 108.91-acre tract of beautiful tidal saltmarsh west of the Town of Slaughter Beach. The Preserve’s beautiful open landscape adds to the scenic nature of the area and serves as a natural green buffer for the beach community. The marsh is home to a large diversity of animals including fiddler crabs, blue crabs, grass shrimp, and many species of mollusks and insects. In summer the sounds of Marsh Wrens, Seaside Sparrows, and Clapper Rails fill the air as Great Egrets, Northern Harriers and Osprey search for prey. A constructed nest platform provides opportunities to view an active Osprey nest.  The Preserve serves as an excellent example of the large expanses of saltmarshes that form much of Delaware’s Bayshore.

A short boardwalk and viewing platform will be constructed at the site in 2018.


Marvel Drive
Slaughter Beach, DE

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