Our Stream Watch programs

...impacting water health through volunteer research.

Our waterways are precious. 94% of our waterways are polluted. Our waterways need volunteer monitoring.

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Stream Watch volunteer programs:

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Become a Volunteer Technial Stream Monitor

Ready for more detailed monitoring than Stream Adoption? Join our Technical Stream Monitoring team!

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When you join us, you help:

...monitor the health of our streams

Our Technical Monitoring program was established to supplement the State's monitoring efforts by providing reliable baseline data for several different physical and chemical parameters. Volunteers monitor assigned sites on a monthly basis, testing for dissolved oxygen, pH, alkalinity, nitrates, phosphates, conductivity, , temperature, and flow. Quality control is ensured through additional procedures. Additional data on stream habitat, macroinvertebrates, and bacteria are collected at selected locations.

...collect data used to develop pollution control strategies

Technical Monitoring data has been collected at thirty locations within the Delaware portion of the Christina River Basin since 1995. These data have been used by government agencies to help inform pollution control strategies and identify long-term water quality trends while also educating local communities about pollution issues.

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