Margaret Kruesi’s Legacy Gift Story

Donor Story: Margaret Kruesi

One significant event in Margaret Kruesi’s 95 years, was serving as a volunteer at Ashland Nature Center of Delaware Nature Society. Margaret volunteered in the early 1980s, before she and her husband, Frank Kruesi, retired in Boise, Idaho.

A legacy gift has been made in Margaret’s memory to support the work she so valued; that of educating school children about nature and the diverse human populations in this area throughout time. The covered bridge and Red Clay Creek added to this tranquil natural area that she chose to share with others.

Margaret’s enthusiasm was expressed through engaging school groups in the discovery of stream life, in finding fish, tadpoles and dragon fly nymphs.

What are up in the tree branches? Birds were often seen and Kingfishers would dive into the water for a meal. Margaret was especially interested in seeds. Helping children gain an understanding of seed transportation and germination gave her great satisfaction. Another tree activity she enjoyed was the maple syrup program.

How many ways can you think of for seeds to travel? Margaret came up with at least five; gravity, wind, water, by animals and through the digestive system of animals.

How does seed design play a role in this process? With the drop of a maple seed, children took delight, tried it themselves and earnest discussions began.

Throughout her life, Margaret Kruesi so enjoyed trees, plants, and nature. Even at age 90, she talked about Ashland Nature Center and Delaware Nature Society. She fondly mentioned that volunteering here gave her satisfaction in knowing that she was helping others. Also, this was a win-win combination as she was able to be outside in an idyllic setting! It is with gratitude that her children and families present this gift to touch the future and extend the work and experiences that enriched the life of Margaret Kruesi.

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