Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day: Ten Tips for April 22

Child feeding duck at DuPont Environmental Education Center

The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day is like none in history.  For the first time ever, people cannot gather with their neighbors and community to celebrate the planet.  But there are things you and your family can do from home.  Today New Castle County and Delaware Nature Society (DelNature) joined together to share 10 tips for a safe and healthy Earth Day.

“Protecting the environment and natural resources has been a priority for our administration since our first day, and while we can’t be together in large groups celebrating our Earth and all she provides, it’s reassuring to know great partners in environmental advocacy are still doing the incredible important work of environmental advocacy,” County Executive Matt Meyer said. “In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, New Castle County Land Use and Public Works departments have teamed up to build a unique and interactive Earth Day webpage that encourages community participation and awareness and we look forward to the community’s continued interaction in defending our natural resources.”

Added DelNature Executive Director Anne Harper, “Celebrating Earth Day from home can be fun and help the environment. Every time people take to action to create a better and healthier world it’s a win for the environment. We hope people are safe and healthy at home. We are also so grateful for their work to protect the natural world today and every day.”

Earth Day Tips:

1)  Help protect Delaware waters by becoming a Clean Stream Champion. Clean water starts at home – the little changes you make can improve water for our health, our pets, and wildlife.

2)  Teach kids about the value of the nature and engage your children in fun activities in your backyard.  Kids learn to value the Earth from us – help them get outside and learn to love the natural world.

3)  Take a walk at DelNature trails or New Castle County parks.  Even as little at 20 minutes of physical activity can help lift your mood and reduce stress.

4) Garden with a purpose and plant native species. Household lawns cover 40 million acres – more than any commercial crop – and account for 10 times more herbicide per acre than agribusiness. Native plants require fewer pesticides, protects biodiversity, and create a green space that helps wildlife.

5) Support policies that create a greener New Castle County.  Your voice matters. Ensuring a high-quality natural environment and sustainability of our resources is critical to achieving those responsibilities and sometimes require new policies and laws.

6) Help Delaware develop a Climate Change Action Plan for Delaware.  The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is seeking public input on strategies to reduce the impact of climate change in Delaware. Make your voice heard today!

7) Go plant-based one day a week with planet-friendly recipes. Animal agriculture is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gases that cause climate change, so eating a plant-based meal can help combat climate change and even lower your own risk of chronic diseases. Try eating one plant-based meal per day for the week.

8) Protect our local pollinator species and as a result have a more fruitful vegetable garden. Build a bee house or bee hotel for solitary bees that pollinate your garden and enjoy the beautiful flowers you receive in return.

9) Take a day to relieve stress AND help the earth by ripping out those invasive plants taking over your garden! Invasive plants can do a lot of harm, but you can help by identifying and getting rid of them and planting natives instead.

10) Help protect the birds. All over the world our bird populations are sadly in decline but there are many ways that we can help them come back. Try one of these 7 actions to help birds, some of them are already on this list.

The First County in the First State is home to nearly 600,000 Delaware residents. New Castle County offers a wide range of services including public safety (police, EMT, 9-1-1 operators), libraries and parks. Matt Meyer is the New Castle County Executive.

About DelNature

DelNature’s mission is to connect people with the natural world to improve our environment through education, conservation, and advocacy. We envision a healthy and sustainable environment for all.

Founded in 1964, DelNature, a state affiliate for the National Wildlife Federation, is renowned for educational programming, conservation, and advocacy, providing the tools for communities to take action and promote the health of the environment through land preservation, wildlife protection, and watershed stewardship.            

DelNature manages over 2,000 acres of land statewide, including four nature preserves, and operates four educational sites: : Ashland Nature CenterAbbott’s Mill Nature CenterDuPont Environmental Education Center, and Coverdale Farm Preserve.

Organizational priorities are comprised of three pillars of engagement focused on: working and natural lands, healthy waters, and protecting habitats and wildlife.

Currently, thousands of members and over 1,000 volunteers assist core staff and interns to support DelNature’s mission and help our year-round educational programs, conservation, and advocacy efforts continue to improve and grow.

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