Social Distancing? Get Outside in Nature!

The community has been good to Delaware Nature Society (DelNature) and we want to return the favor with ideas and tips that help you enjoy the healing power of nature while social distancing.

Our trails at Ashland, DEEC, and Abbott’s Mill remain open and we simply ask you maintain a safe social distance.

Follow our latest stories, ponderings, and discoveries on our Nature of Delaware Blog and YouTube channel.

8 Fun Outdoor Activities for Adults and Families

Virtual and In-person Summer Camps

1) In Person School Day Remote Support and Nature Club

Social distancing-friendly school day remote educational support and nature club at our sites. Sign up for 2, 3, and 5 days per week Sep 28 to Dec 23. Sign up for just the weeks you need!

Remote Learning Support (8 am – 3:30 pm)

Afterschool Nature Club (3 pm – 6 pm)

FREE New Nature Activities

2) Upcoming Virtual and Socially-Distanced In Person Programs

In Person Programs are back alongside virtual offerings .

Check out our Virtual Preschool Series.

Visit our trails at Ashland, DEEC, and Abbott’s Mill

3) Visit our trails at Ashland, DEEC, and Abbott’s Mill

Hike rolling hills, forests, marshes, and bubbling creeks at Abbott’s Mill Nature Center in Milford and Ashland Nature Center in Hockessin. Get more ideas for habitat exploration activities at Ashland.

Walk the pond loop and gardens at DuPont Environmental Education Center on Wilmington’s Riverfront and bike or walk Jack A. Markell Trail.

Your support makes our trails possible.

Help Nature Research with iNaturalist

4) Help Nature Research

Download the iNaturalist app (or Seek by iNaturalist app for kids) to your phone and snap photos of plants and animals and submit it to the site. See if others agree with your sighting submission, and research the life histories of the plants and animals you find in your yard and local parks.

At Ashland, Abbott’s, or DEEC? When you use iNaturalist at these locations, you’re helping our biodiversity study project! Check out our Ashland iNaturalist, DEEC iNaturalist, and Abbott’s iNaturalist pages.

Help Keep Our Water Clean

5) Help Keep Our Water Clean

Clean waterways improve health for people, wildlife, and pets. Much of Delaware’s waterway pollution comes from our homes and yards!

Pledge to:

  • Scoop the Poop
  • Garden for Water and Wildlife
  • Only Rain Down the Storm Drain
  • Reduce Household Chemicals
  • Cease the Grease
  • Pledge now!

Coverdale Farm Video Stories, Recipes, and Tips

6) Coverdale Farm Video Stories, Recipes, and Culinary Tips

Check out our latest Coverdale Farm favorite recipes and enjoy our culinary tips video Regrow Food from Scraps.

Learn how we run our farm, which uses sustainable farming practices with our latest videos: How We Move Our Chicken Houses, Watch Us Collect Eggs, and See the Arrival of our Honey Bees.

Get fresh local produce through our CSA program.

Start Your Spring Garden with Wildlife-helping Plants

7) Start Your Spring Garden with Wildlife-helping Plants

Now is the time to prep your garden for spring and think about how you can help pollinators, birds, and wildlife.

See our naturalists’ video intro to native spring flowers!

Learn how to combat the spread of non-native species.

Animal Tracks

8) More Fun Outdoor Activities In Your Yard or at a Park

Learn to identify animal tracks, trees, and birds. Go on a scavenger hunt! Check out these and other activities to do outside!

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