Arden Community Habitat Celebration

The Ardens Earn National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat Certification

Goldfinch Eating Seeds by Lori Athey
Certified Wildlife Habitat Sign in Garden
Birdbath Paula Schiller

The Ardens recently completed requirements to become one of five Delaware communities certified by the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Community Wildlife Habitat™ program. This program encourages communities to become healthier, greener, and more wildlife-friendly by committing to create wildlife habitats while also educating and engaging residents.

Healthy habitats and healthy communities go hand-in-hand. Too often communities are suffering from pollution, disinvestment, or other challenges that separate people from the natural world. When human communities suffer, wildlife suffer as well.

“By becoming certified in the National Wildlife Federation’s Community Wildlife Habitat program, The Ardens are sending a clear and powerful message to communities all over America that people working together can create healthy habitats and healthy communities and make a difference in their own community and beyond,” said Patrick Fitzgerald, Senior Director of Community Wildlife.

Community Wildlife Habitat Celebration

The Ardens will be celebrating their accomplishment in a public celebration on July 14, 2021, from 4:30 – 7:00 PM, on Sherwood Green and Arden Gild Hall, The Highway, Arden. For this special evening, Masala’s Kitchen Food Truck will be available to purchase food. Individuals and surrounding communities can find out more information on the needs of local wildlife and the certification process. The celebration is open to the public and also includes prizes and activities for the whole family.

40 Certified Wildlife Habitat™ Leaseholds

“This was a great project. Our whole community came together over COVID to make this happen. Not only did we manage to certify over 40 leaseholds as wildlife habitats in the Ardens, but residents worked steadily to clean up our woods, plant native plants, and educate themselves on the benefits of gardening for wildlife,” said Jill Althouse-Wood, Arden Forest Committee.

Added Joanne McGeoch, Delaware Nature Society Interim Executive Director, “We are so pleased to join National Wildlife Federation in celebrating The Ardens and their NWF wildlife-friendly community designation.  The residents of Arden have recognized the value of creating gardens that provide healthy habitats where wildlife can thrive. This is just one of four Community Wildlife Habitats certified in Delaware and we hope to inspire other communities to do the same.”

Protecting Wildlife, Native Plants, and Their Habitats

Since 1973, the National Wildlife Federation has provided millions of people with the basic guidelines for making their landscapes more hospitable for wildlife. To date, through the Certified Wildlife Habitat program, the National Wildlife Federation has certified more than 250,000 sites including yards, schools, businesses, community gardens, parks, and places of worship. Each of these sites provides the four basic elements that all wildlife need to thrive: food, water, cover and places to raise young, while integrating sustainable gardening and landscaping practices.

“The environment needs our help, and there are choices that people can make every day to protect wildlife, native plants, and their habitats, ” said State Rep. Larry Lambert.  “Congratulations to the entire Arden community and thank you to the many people who put their time and energy into earning the Wildlife Habitat Certification. Taking steps today to preserve the natural world benefits all of us and future generations.”

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