Nature expert on the joys of Spring

By Frank Gerace

Spring is a great time to hike through the woods and check out the wonders of nature.

So says the Delaware Nature Society’s Jim White, who touts the many forms of plant life that bloom this time of year, including trilliums.

“There are some rare ones, and there are places you can find some of these rare ones.  Brandywine Creek State Park is a great place to go, the Ashland Nature Center, so there’s a lot of places to find them,” said White.

Among the animals you might see are the only two mammals in Delaware that hibernate in Winter.

“The chipmunk–the ground squirrel, and the groundhog.  So those two species actually hibernate and come out in the Spring.  The rest of the species are active, actually, all Winter.  Some of them sleep a lot, and some of them rest during the really cold weather, but mammals are becoming very active right now.” said White.

You can learn things on nature hikes–for example, most people aren’t aware that most trees flower, said White.

“So you can find the flowers on the trees this time of year–stop, again, look close, if you have a camera, a lot of our point-and-shoot cameras, even your phone can take excellent photographs of these flowers.  (It’s) really fun to enjoy these,” said White.

If you’re birding, the best time to see the greatest number of species is early morning.

“It tends to be the time when you may get the most species, but you can see these migrants feeding in trees at any time from right now, the beginning of April, all the way through till June,” said White.

If you get amped up for amphibians, you can go to places like the Ashland Nature Center or Brandywine Creek State Park to see the American Toad, which is starting to breed now.

This article originally appeared on WDEL on April 13, 2019. You can read it here.