Dupont Environmental Education Center One of 23 Environmental Education Centers in PA, DE, and NJ to Host River Days

“Alliance for Watershed Education” Sponsors Series of Events to Explore, Enjoy and Engage
with Local Waterways, with Funding from the William Penn Foundation

WHO: Alliance for Watershed Education of the Delaware River, and Delaware Nature Society’s DuPont Environmental Education Center

WHAT: Marsh and Monarchs Celebration at DuPont Environmental Education Center, 1400 Delmarva Ln. Wilmington, Del. Saturday, September 23rd, 12 pm – 4 pm. Activities will include exploring the pond, netting for minnows, water chemistry, crafts, tagging live butterflies for research, canoeing in the marsh, Zumba in nature, swamp milkweed give-away, and more. Join us in celebration of everything marsh and monarchs! This event is free and open to the public. No registration required.

WHY: The Delaware River watershed is a 13,500 square mile system that provides clean drinking water for more than 15 million people, nearly 5% of the United States’ population. The watershed is important to a multitude of species and ecological habitats, and provides recreation for cyclists, hikers, paddlers and other outdoor enthusiasts. “The refuge at DEEC is 212 acres of tidal marsh adjoining the Christina River that helps to alleviate flooding as well as filters and cleans the water that runs through it. It is also home to Bald Eagles, beavers, dragonflies, turtles, butterflies, wild rice, hibiscus, and other plants and wildlife. Visitors can explore the rare opportunity to view wildlife in a beautiful natural oasis — where river, city and marsh meet,” John Harrod, Manager, DuPont Environmental Center. There’s a wide array of fun and environmental-minded activities scheduled for River Days by 23 partnering environmental organizations on the watershed. Find details at:

WHY: September marks the start of the second annual “River Days”, a more than one month-long recreational event series hosted by the Alliance for Watershed Education of the Delaware River with a mission to encourage individuals of all ages to explore, enjoy and engage in activities along their local rivers and streams with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness and fostering protection of this critical resource. Funded and supported by the William Penn Foundation, the Alliance is a regional initiative of 23 partnering environmental education centers located on the Delaware River watershed and the Circuit Trail in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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