An Environmentally Friendly Holiday Season: A Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

Environmentally Friendly Holiday Ideas

Did conversations around the Thanksgiving dinner table spark a desire to do more for the environment throughout the rest of the holiday season?  Join Delaware Nature Society (DelNature) in having an environmentally friendly holiday season:

  1. Did you know that traditional, mass produced wrapping paper can’t be recycled? Create your own wrapping paper or give presents in reusable bags.
  2. Use energy saving LED holiday lights to save electricity costs and usage.
  3. Choose locally sourced and sustainably grown food for your holiday meals. Agriculture and conservation go hand in hand when food is grown and raised in cooperation with our natural environment. Sustainable agriculture protects waterways, soil health, and supports native wildlife.
  4. Recycle old electronics when replacing them with new gadgets this holiday season. Look for buy-back programs or stores that offer electronic recycling before throwing away your old devices such as cell phones.
  5. Help offset your carbon footprint if you are traveling to celebrate the holidays. Simple actions like planting native trees (or supporting organizations that plant trees for you) can help offset the emissions from holiday travel.
  6. Go for locally made, eco-friendly gifts such as plastic-free toys this season and reduce the travel needed to transport your gift while supporting locally owned businesses and artists! Still can’t decide what to buy? Consider providing experience-based gifts like camps or outdoor activities and give the gift of lasting memories to your loved ones.
  7. Avoid single-use and disposable tableware when hosting holiday parties. Reducing the amount of waste we produce saves room in landfills and limits the amount of pollution and litter in our natural environments.
  8. Enjoy the outdoors by visiting DelNature sites.  With locations statewide, you can hike in the woods, at the marsh, or somewhere in between when you need some rest and relaxation.
  9. Discussing climate change around the holiday table can be tricky.  If you or someone you are spending the holidays with brings it up, focus on the facts.  Be willing to listen as much as you talk.  A respectful conversation on a tough topic is a lovely gift to give this holiday season.

About DelNature

DelNature’s mission is to connect people with the natural world to improve our environment through education, conservation, and advocacy. We envision a healthy and sustainable environment for all.

Founded in 1964, DelNature, a state affiliate for the National Wildlife Federation, is renowned for educational programming, conservation, and advocacy, providing the tools for communities to take action and promote the health of the environment through land preservation, wildlife protection, and watershed stewardship.            

DelNature manages over 2,000 acres of land statewide, including four nature preserves, and operates four educational sites: : Ashland Nature CenterAbbott’s Mill Nature CenterDuPont Environmental Education Center, and Coverdale Farm Preserve.

Organizational priorities are comprised of three pillars of engagement focused on: working and natural lands, healthy waters, and protecting habitats and wildlife.

Currently, thousands of members and over 1,000 volunteers assist core staff and interns to support DelNature’s mission and help our year-round educational programs, conservation, and advocacy efforts continue to improve and grow.

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