Measuring a Barn Swallow while Bird-Banding

Frontiers in Ornithology: A Symposium for Youth

Young people are invited to come to our “Frontiers in Ornithology: A Symposium for Youth” to discover cutting-edge technologies being used in avian research and study, careers in ornithology, and more. The symposium will be hosted by Delaware Nature Society with the Delaware Ornithological Society as Lead Partnering Organization and Zeiss Sport Optics our Lead Sponsoring Partner.

Sat, Sep 28 (hikes available Sun, Sep 29)
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Ashland Nature Center
Ages 12-22: $25  |  Ages 23+: $35
Lodging is available at the Ashland Nature Center at $25/night/person.
Adults are welcome but each adult MUST be accompanied by at least one or more youth participants.

Registration is Closed. Questions? Call Bill Stewart at 610-864-0370

The Frontiers in Ornithology Symposium Team is proud to announce the creation of an unprecedented symposium that will be held for young people with an interest in ornithology and related fields of study, titled: “Frontiers in Ornithology: A Symposium for Youth.” The primary mission of this event will be to focus on ornithology and conservation science.

What You’ll Experience

Scott WeidensaulThe symposium will not focus on birding, bird identification techniques, or listing birds, but instead on cutting-edge technologies being used in avian research and study, careers in ornithology, and how to pursue that focus in either higher education or vocationally. The symposium will also provide opportunities toward understanding and promoting involvement in conservation science initiatives.

The Symposium will feature a full-day of seminars, panel discussions, and keynotes that highlight the symposium’s mission. Our Keynote Speaker, Scott Weidensaul, is a renowned author, co-founder of Project SNOWstorm, and a collaborating ornithologist and bird bander for many current avian research projects.

The following day, there will be an optional opportunity for attendees and guests to join various field trips sponsored and led by multiple supporting organizations. One field trip currently available to registration is the Augustine Wildlife Area Birding field trip.

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