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Water, wildlife, and land - help wildlife and our communities thrive. Our 2017 Agenda: Delaware Nature Society is advocating for Clean Water.  1) Dedicated clean water funding. 2) Protection of our waterways.  3) Preservation of our freshwater wetlands.  Over 90% of DE waterways are polluted by excess nutrients and legacy toxics.  Our amazing wetlands protect against flooding, provide for wildlife, and purify water.
Our 2017 Agenda: Delaware Nature Society is advocating to Protect Wildlife.  4) Enact recovering America's Wildlife Act. 5) Protect Menhaden: a key food for beloved ocean creatures.  1/3 of U.S. Native species are increasingly at risk from extinction. 392 million pounds of Menhaden were caught in 2014 - let's make sure we leave enough for these creatures too: bottlenosed dolphins, humpback whales, harbor seals, striped bass, ospreys, bluefish, and weakfish.
Our 2017 Agenda: Delaware Nature Society is advocating to preserve open space for wildlife and the health of our communities.  6) Full funding for federal programs such as the land and water conservation fund. 7) Reform the renewable fuel standard. Nature toruism is BIG in Delaware - 400,000 people annually hunt, fish, or watch wildlife in Delaware.  Nationally, 4 million acres of land near ethanol plants were converted from wildlife habitat to crop production since 2008 - let's make ethanol more wildlife-friendly.
Our 2017 Agenda: Delaware Nature Society is advocating to preserve open space for wildlife and the health of our communities.  8) Full funding for Delaware's Open Space and Farmland Preservation programs.  Delaware's Open Space program protects 57,000 acres of public land - open space land supports wildlife and clean water.  Preserve Delaware's agricultural heritage - 105,000 acres of Delaware farm land has been permanently preserved by the Delaware Department of Agriculture. (67% of the 156,000 total acres of farmland in Delaware)

Give today and support the preservation of nature for years to come.

For more than 50 years, Delaware Nature Society has been a trusted leader in our community on improving the environment through education, conservation and advocacy. We could not succeed at the important work we do without the generosity of our donors and members.
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