Our Stream Watch programs

Our waterways are vital! They provide drinking water, water for agriculture and industry, recreation, and wildife habitat.
90% of our waterways are polluted.
Our waterways need monitoring - become a volunteer.

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Why we need your help

Why volunteers are needed

Our waterways provide drinking water, opportunities for fishing, swimming or boating, water for agriculture and business, and are a home for wildlife.

Delaware's waters are degraded by polluted runoff from development and agriculture, wastewater and industrial discharges, and changes to our landscapes.

Volunteers are needed because it is impossible for government agencies to survey all our waters on a regular basis. Volunteers can perform this vital work, locating problems that would otherwise go unnoticed or documenting areas where our waters are improving. Small actions can collectively make a big difference.

Every yard makes an impact on water quality

Delaware is made up of some of the most beautiful watersheds (lands that drain water into any body of water) in the mid-Atlantic region, but these are also some of our most threatened resources.

What we do on our land affects water quality.

To find out what body of water your house and yard washes to - and what your hometown's watershed is called - click your county: New Castle County, Kent County, Sussex County, outside of Delaware.

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