Professional Leadership Institute (PLI)

Are you operating a non-profit institution?

Are you looking to grow your institution, network with colleagues, prepare for challenges and focus your vision?

Contact with your interest in our 2019 Professional Leadership Institute Conference!

Professional Leadership Institute 2018


...insight and expertise in key components of operating a non-profit institution


...share with colleagues successes and lessons learned from experience


...techniques in recognizing and preparing for challenges


...and focus your vision

"PLI was a transformative experience. I had an absolutely wonderful time immersing myself in the world of non-profits and this conference served to be a tremendous learning tool."

– Jennie Farrar, Director of Asbury Woods

"I learned so much and I can’t wait to share so many great ideas with my staff and board. You and your staff and speakers were welcoming and inspirational-I’m returning home 'renewed!'"

– Ann Taylor, Director of New Pond Farm Education Center