Our Stream Watch programs

...impacting water health through volunteer research.

Our waterways are precious. 94% of our waterways are polluted. Our waterways need volunteer monitoring.

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Stream Watch volunteer programs:

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Stream Adoption at Delaware Nature Society (DNS) part of the Stream Watch

Get outside and enjoy nature with a purpose!
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Who are Stream Adopters?

Stream Watchers in the Stream Adoption Program are volunteers - concerned individuals, families, community organizations, businesses, youth groups, and school groups - all helping to monitor the health of our streams.  By adopting a waterway, volunteers make a commitment to survey, learn about, and care for that stream.

Our Stream Adoption program fits your life

Volunteers choose Level 1 or Level 2 survey options based on their time, resources, and experience.  Level 1 Stream Adoption is most suitable for those with limited time or working with elementary-aged children and requires only a few materials.  Adults, or those working with older students, may choose the more detailed options in Level 2.

What do Stream Adopters do?

Stream Adoptors can measure for:

  • Visual Survey:  Watch for signs of visible pollution including  litter, water discoloration, discharging pipe
  • Water Chemistry:  Measure chemical parameters including temperature, pH, nitrate, oxygen
  • Macroinvertebrates:  Survey the aquatic insects, worms, and crustaceans that indicate the health of the water.


Adopt a stream now »

You may also contact us to adopt a stream at:
302-239-2334 x102

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