Coverdale Farm Preserve

This 356-acre Coverdale Farm Preserve offers panoramic views of rolling countryside, a farm, live animals, vegetable gardens, farm based education programs, seasonal events and a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.Support Coverdale Farm Preserve »


Join our CSA

Enjoy locally-grown produce Jun - Oct.
Join a fun-loving community with cooking classes, a Potluck Party, and more.
Join our CSA

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Discover our delicious CSA program

Coverdale Farm celebrates the Community in Community Supported Agriculture!

Why join our CSA?

  • Enjoy delicious, locally-grown vegetables, flowers, & herbs
  • Support locally grown crops & farmland preservation
  • Learn more about cooking, food preparation and nutrition

Buy a share of Delaware Nature Society's CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and enjoy delicious, beautiful vegetables, flowers, and herbs June – October. As part of our CSA community, you can join our monthly cooking classes and our CSA potluck party and you'll get seasonal recipes from arugula to zucchini. Enjoy the weekly comradery with your fellow locavores , Farmer Dan, and his crew. Healthy and happy with a hearty dose of food and fun. Join our family! .

Buy Your 2017 Share

Order online

More ways to order

302.239.2334, ext. 134

Share Size

Choose a share size

Full Share
Pick up at Coverdale
Wed or Sat (weekly Jun – Oct)
Mem $825, Non-Mem $900

Half Share
Pick up at Coverdale
Wed or Sat (weekly Jun – Oct)
Mem $475, Non-Mem $550

Which size should I choose?

A Full Share provides approximately enough for a family of four**, and a Half Share provides approximately enough for a family of two**. Both share sizes will have about 6 – 10 seasonal produce items.

Become a DelNature Member today and receive the reduced CSA shareholder price!

**Shareholders share in the ups and downs of the season and support the CSA by purchasing shares at the beginning of the season to provide working capital for the farm’s supplies, such as seeds, plants, organic fertilizer, and labor. Later, as the plants grow, shareholders receive a weekly portion of our healthy harvest, picked as fresh as possible!

Contact us for more info

If you have questions regarding the vegetables or the way we grow them, talk to Farmer Dan O'Brien when you pick up your produce or email your question to .

If you need assistance regarding signup and payment, please contact our front desk at 302.239.2334, ext. 134 or .

Examples of Produce Grown

Early Season
Kale, Spring Greens, Lettuce, Spinach, Radishes, Peas

High Season
Cucumbers, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Summer Squash, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Potatoes, Beans, Melons, Eggplant, Herbs

Late Season
Collard Greens, Beets, Carrots, Spinach, Potatoes, Onions, Broccoli, Pumpkins, Winter Squash

Our produce is grown using organic practices and is Non-GMO.

How pickup works

Wednesdays 11 am – 6 pm or
Saturdays 9 am – 4 pm
June – October
(come on your designated day)

Coverdale CSA Patio
Coverdale Farm Preserve in Greenville, DE

Simply check off your name on the pickup sheet, select your share of the produce, enjoy a walk through the U-Pick field for additional produce and flowers

Weekly Messages from the Farm
Each week, we'll send you an email with a list of what to expect in your share, a few of our favorite seasonal recipes to try at home, and a sneak peek into what’s happening at Coverdale.

Thank you

Thank you to Johnny’s for supporting Coverdale Farm through their generous donation of seeds.

Johnny's Selected Seeds, An employee-owned company

Delaware Nature Society CSA - Eat more vegetables!

Delaware Nature Society CSA - cabbage and lettuces

Delaware Nature Society CSA - carrots

Delaware Nature Society CSA - sunflower

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