Featured Photographers

Delaware Nature Society's staff is made up of talented, passionate, knowledgable naturalists. Some of us are also talented photographers!

Meet our featured staff photographers.

Jim White

Photograph by Jim White
Photo representing my favorite style of photography – Microphotography (not my favorite photo). A calling Barking Treefrog in Southern Delaware.
Featured Photographer Jim White
Vision statement
I try to make photographs that represent how I see and feel about the natural world.

Derek Stoner

Photograph by Derek Stoner
Tiger Swallowtails
Featured Photographer Derek Stoner
Vision statement
The challenge of capturing a moment in nature, and showing the animals and plants in true context within their native habitat, is what makes outdoor photography so enjoyable.”

Joe Sebastiani

Photograph by Joe Sebastiani
Western Spindalis from Cuba, which is a colorful type of Tanager
Featured Photographer Joe Sebastiani
Vision statement
Photography is one of the tools I use not only to create memories for myself, but as a way to educate others about the natural world, and to contribute to citizen science projects like eBird.

Hannah Starke

Photograph by Hannah Starke
A praying mantis hiding at Coverdale Farm Preserve.
Featured Photographer Hannah Starke
Vision statement
I enjoy photographing most subjects, but my favorite photos are of the small details that would normally be overlooked.

Christi Leeson

Photograph by Christi Leeson
Playing at DEEC
Featured Photographer Christi Leeson
Vision statement
I love trying to capture the true joy of children and people connecting with nature.

Lori Athey

Photograph by Lori Athey
Clouded Sulphur on Black-eyed Susan
Featured Photographer Lori Athey
Vision statement
I use my camera as a design tool, but I also use it to capture the wonders of gardens and nature.